Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

After the Centennial: 2014 and Beyond



The women’s water polo team was the undisputed state champions with a record of 35-0. The 2014 tournament was played at Sacramento's American River College by two teams representing the North (Diablo Valley and Foothill) and two from the South (Fullerton and Riverside). In game one, FC ended Foothill College's season beating the Owls 13-5. The Hornets had to face their Orange Empire Conference foe, Riverside City College. Fullerton College prevailed in overtime with an 8-7 victory. This was the first state championship for the water polo team since the program began in 1996. The Hornet championship game goals: Nicole Williams – 2; Destiny Hernandez – 2; Grace Schade – 1; Angelica Hernandez – 3. (Photo Courtesy of the FC Sports Information Office. )
This poster outside the FC Health Center reminded students of the dangers of smoking. November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month and the Health Center used the opportunity to increase awareness about the effects of smoking on individuals. The Health Center offered many free services which include smoking cessation services. (Photo courtesy of Melissa Barbour.)
This student made poster reminded students to purchase benefit stickers to support the Associated Student Senate’s programs. The A.S. group consisted of both elected and appointed members and, with the Inter-Club Council, provided a comprehensive student activities and club program. Benefit stickers were sold online and at Student Affairs for $8.50. (Photo courtesy of Melissa Barbour.)
Violation signs around the Fullerton College Campus were updated to reflect concerns for the times, particularly e-cigarettes. While smoking and bicycles were established violations, vaping and scooter riding were new additions based on modern times and the legislation of the Faculty Senate. (Photo courtesy of Melissa Barbour.)
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) became a hot topic in education and Fullerton College teamed up with Santa Ana College and CSU Fullerton to create the Encouraging New Graduates and Gaining Expertise in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (ENGAGE in STEM) initiative. The initiative’s goals were to increase the number of STEM degrees and students entering teaching programs for STEM subjects. The program offered services like workshops, internships, fieldwork experience, conferences, financial assistance, and research opportunities for STEM majors. Signage for ENGAGE in STEM could be found around campus. (Photo courtesy of Melissa Barbour.)
This photo depicts the Food Service area in Building 200 at lunch time. Students in the photograph are using the open dining hall atmosphere to eat, study, and relax in the week before finals in fall 2014. (Photo courtesy of Melissa Barbour.)
The Jump Start to College program was coordinated by FC Counseling and first implemented in 2014. The program introduced high school freshman to the benefits and challenges of attending college. The Jump Start to College program encouraged students to start thinking about college early by giving them information about college and school options in California. In this photo, FC Counselor Lelaine Palos discusses differences between high school and college with a room of high school students in the Jump Start to College program. (Photo courtesy of Melissa Barbour.)
Student Hannah Harper received a little puppy love from these therapy dogs when they were on campus during fall 2014 finals week. Faculty member Jodi Balma brought her therapy dogs as a response to research that showed that interaction with pets decreases the level of cortisol (linked to stress) in people and increases endorphins to make people happy. The final weeks of the semester can be very stressful for students, so Health Services has integrated services to remind students to stay healthy. It was also a chance for Health Services to remind students to enroll for health coverage. (Photo courtesy of Melissa Barbour.)