Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

The Centennial Year: 2013-2014


Although Fullerton Junior College's first official semester was Fall 1913, Fullerton College kicked off the Centennial celebrations in Spring 2013 with the exhibit, "Legends and Legacies: The First 100 Years of Fullerton College", at the Fullerton Museum Center. This albums contains photos starting in Spring 2013 along with photos added throughout the Centennial year.


During the Centennial, Fullerton College continued its outreach efforts to future generations of students through numerous events. On April 26, 2013, over a thousand kindergartners from La Habra, Fullerton, and Anaheim School Districts converged on Fullerton College to participate in the annual KinderCaminata event. The students visited various stations throughout campus receiving early exposure to a college environment. After the positive experience of KinderCaminata, the children hopefully left Fullerton College with a desire to continue their education through college. In the photo, the kindergartners assemble in the quad to listen to musicians. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
In this photo of KinderCaminata, a group of children dance at the Native American Experience station. Other stations around campus included Phonics with Dr. Seuss; Anti-Bullying Skits; the Library’s Story Time with Puppets; Trendsetter: Face Painting; Watch a Potter: Throwing Pots; Scientific Exploration; Fun with Numbers; Exploring Flags & Languages from around the World; Little Lawyers Law School; Sí se puede! Cesar Chavez; Chicano Art; Nutrition Knowledge; Fun with Sign Language; and Want to be an Athletic Trainer? (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
In March, Fullerton College welcomed approximately 2,000 students from 65 schools to the Fullerton College High School Theatre Festival Spring 2013. When the festival started in 1981, it was a small, local event, but it grew in size and prestige to include schools in the western United States. In the photo, some of the many students encamped in the quad amuse themselves between performances. The Grand Prize Sweepstakes winner in 2013 with the highest total points and average score was Mira Costa High School from Manhattan Beach. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Miguel Powers is shown in the photo with students from his English 234 HF class, Honors Introduction to Shakespeare, during the Spring 2013 semester. The FC students mentored middle school students attending the Beechwood School in Fullerton. As members of the Beechwood After School Shakespeare Club, the middle schoolers were able to perform readings of a Shakespearean play under the tutelage of the college students. (Photo courtesy of Dan Nino.)
In this photo, middle school members of the Beechwood After School Shakespeare Club read parts from A Midsummer Night’s Dream under the mentorship of FC students. (Photo courtesy of Dan Nino.)
This Beechwood School middle student acts out a part from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. (Photo courtesy of Dan Nino.)
In late March 2013, the library provided tours and storytimes for the future FC students from Maple Elementary School. The second graders were welcomed with a library tour by Circulation Librarian Jane Ishibashi. As the students drew closer to the artwork seen in the background, they were intrigued with the painting representing the City of Fullerton by the 2001 Artist-in-Residence, Frank Romero. Several students were able to quickly pick out the Fullerton College campus in the work. (Photo courtesy of Dan Nino.)
Library Assistant Betsy Murray entertains second graders with her lively storytelling. Acquisitions Librarian Monique Delatte Starkey successfully applied for grant money from Target Corporation. Materials selected through Target grants, such as pop-up books, puppets, flannel boards, and colorful placards, were employed in this hands-on activity. (Photo courtesy of Dan Nino.)
Robert Jensen, Dean of Fine Arts, served as the Centennial Co-Producer. He convened the first planning meeting for centennial events in November 2009. Besides overseeing the Centennial celebrations, Jensen was the dean of a very active and successful Fine Arts Division that included the Art Department, Computer Graphics, the Music Department, and the Theatre Department. The division also managed the operations of all theatres on campus and assisted in the technical support for campus special events. (Photo courtesy of Melody LaMontia/Photography Department's 1913 Day project.)
On Saturday, April 27, 2013, Fullerton College officially initiated the Centennial celebrations with the opening of “Legends and Legacies: The First 100 Years of Fullerton College”. According to the curators, the exhibit at Fullerton Museum Center “explores the historical, social, and cultural growth of the college and its relationship with Orange County through personal histories and collections. Legends and Legacies also observes the growing role of technology in contemporary education and asks what the future of higher education should be”. Curators for the exhibit were Carlota Haider and Christina Hasenberg. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The opening of the Centennial history exhibition, Legends and Legacies, was well attended. Fullerton College staff, faculty, and administrators lined up with community members to enter the museum. Those in line were able to view vintage automobiles as they waited. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The exhibits were the result of collaboration by many people. Alumni generously loaned college mementos for the displays in the Legends and Legacies exhibit.
The opening for the "Legends and Legacies: The First 100 Years of Fullerton College" exhibit at the Fullerton Museum Center was crowded as college and community members flocked to see the displays.
Bob Jensen, Dean of Fine Arts, headed up the Centennial committee. His department’s mark was clearly visible during the opening of the Centennial history exhibition, Legends and Legacies. Actors in period costumes mingled with guests while singers showcasing the hundred year history of the college performed on stage. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
“Puente” means “bridge” in Spanish and the Puente Program was an academic preparation program with the goal of bridging the achievement gap for educationally disadvantaged students. Through mentoring, personal guidance, guest speakers, and field trips, the Puente Program increased the numbers of students who transferred to a four-year college or university. The Puente Program also strived to create a body of future mentors and leaders. In March 2013, over thirty Puente students visited campuses during the annual Northern California College Tour. Puente's co-coordinators, Elias Dominguez and Kimberly Orlijan, chaperoned the students as they toured UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley, UC Davis and the State Capitol. In the photo, the students stand in front of the State Capitol building holding certificates received from recently elected Assemblywoman, Sharon Quirk-Silva of Fullerton. (Photo courtesy of Elias Dominguez.)
On an overcast day in May 2013, students celebrated Cinco de Mayo as a way to demonstrate pride in their Mexican heritage. A piñata with the Mexican flag swayed in the breeze as a scattering of students attended the event. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Dancers in native dress performed in the quad for Cinco de Mayo. (Photo courtesy of Vanesa Serna.)
In Massachusetts, the first Clothesline Project originated in 1990 as the brainchild of visual artist, Rachel Carey-Harper, who envisioned shirts hanging on lines as a fitting medium to raise awareness about violence against women. Women could tell their story using words and artwork to decorate the shirts. At Fullerton College, Psychology faculty member, Diana Kyle organized the Clothesline Project in the quad. In April 2013, students surrounded by clotheslines could pick up flyers that included a "Dating Bill of Rights" and "NO means NO". (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Two Clothesline Project shirts hanging in the quad call attention to ongoing violence against women. The shirts were color coded to show the form of abuse suffered by a woman and whether the victim survived the abuse. Red indicated a survivor of rape and sexual assault. Yellow represented a battered or assaulted woman. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
In April 2013, the Political Science Student Association presented Walk in Her Shoes to raise awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault. Male students registered to wear high heels and literally walk in her shoes. Here, students try out shoes in preparation for their walk. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Faculty (center left, Miguel Powers and center right, Brandon Floerke) pose with students for the Walk in Her Shoes event highlighting the problem of violence against women. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Annual Spring Health Fair was held on April 11, 2013. In the photo, a student looks at hypertension materials on display at one of the many tables in the quad. During the fair, students and FC employees took advantage of free blood pressure, glucose, chiropractic and dental screenings. Cypress College students were on hand to conduct many of these services. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Over 40 health organizations participated in the Annual Spring Health Fair. In the photo, the Food Addicts in Recovery table was a reflection of the times. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) were obese. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
During the Annual Spring Health Fair, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) provided a crashed car for display between the 300 and 500 buildings during an entire week in April 2013 as a warning against drunk driving. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Workforce Center hosted its spring Job Fair on April 17, 2013 in the quad. Over 35 local businesses set up tables to interview students and accept resumes. In the photo, the library provides a backdrop to the activities. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton was one of the local organizations participating in the Job Fair. “The Muck” was an active cultural center producing performances, gallery exhibits, festivals and special events. In addition, it offered art classes for students of all ages. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
On April 25, 2013, the Cadena Cultural Center organized its second annual Worldfest. The event, formally known as the Festival of Diversity, emphasized the importance of having a global perspective on culture and diversity. Several displays also highlighted environmental issues that impact global communities. The popular event featured six "villages" focusing on Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Oceania, although the “Europe” group was a no-show. The College Center’s food service provider, Sodexo, prepared samplings of international food for sale on the quad. A Hawaiian halau and the Muslim Student Association provided dance entertainment. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
During WorldFest, students prepared displays covering a range of topics. In this photo, students view a video at the exhibit on Syria’s human rights struggle. Other tables displayed information on female infanticide, worldwide immigration, Koreatown in Los Angeles, female genital mutilation, and human trafficking. In the Mind, Body, and Spirit area, students set up tables such as Be Tobacco Free.
During WorldFest, Sandra Gonzalez had her face painted while wearing Mexican attire. (Photo courtesy of Dan Nino.)
Javier Alvarez’s art students displayed their life drawings in front of the library during WorldFest activities. In the photo, Raymond Martinez passes by his doppelganger. (Photo courtesy of Dan Nino.)
The Cadena Cultural Center, Asian Pacific Islander Faculty & Staff Association, Ethnic Studies Department, and the District Staff Development Committee hosted the second annual Asian & Pacific Islander Forum on April 29, 2013. The forum included keynote speaker, Curtis Chin, who produced the documentary, "Vincent Who?", the story of Vincent Chin, 27, who was murdered in Detroit in 1982. The men who killed him were sentenced to only three years of probation and fined $3,000. “Remember Vincent Chin” became a rallying cry for Asian-Americans who protested in cities across the country. Students broke out into small discussion groups after viewing the documentary. Standing from left to right: Cecilia Arriaza, Director of the Cadena Cultural Center; Larry Hashima, Ethnic Studies; Field Do, Admission & Records, Asian Pacific Islander Faculty & Staff Association (APIA); Curtis Chin; Jane Ishibashi, librarian (APIA); and Karyn Nguyen,counselor (APIA). The Fullerton College Foundation provided funding for this event and many others on campus that dealt with diversity and student success. (Photo courtesy of Vince White.)
During a Photoshop class, DART 135 Digital Painting, Computer Arts instructor, Phil Dimitriadis, demonstrated the computer program Photoshop on a Cintiq touch screen sensitive drawing monitor used for digital drawings and paintings. Dimitriadis is creating a castle on the workstation in room 1026. He and Dean Bob Jensen renovated the room themselves over a winter break to save money for the department. (Photo courtesy of Dan Nino.)
In this photo taken in Spring 2013, computer graphics instructor, Phil Dimitriadis, stands before examples of his professional work done as an artist. (Photo courtesy of Dan Nino.)
Cosmetology students practiced their techniques on mannequin heads before working on people during the Spring 2013 semester. (Photo courtesy of Dan Nino.)
Faculty cosmetology instructor, Gayle Cebrian, reviewed the handiwork of one of her students. This was the student's first attempt at clipper cutting. In the photo, student and instructor look for weighted areas on the head. The following week all students were required to bring in a live model for a clipper cut. Students learned to trim around the ears and neck and also how to blend with texture shears. They practiced eyebrow trimming on more mature clients and recruited male subjects for beard trimming. (Photo courtesy of Dan Nino.)
Sarah Cashmore led her ballet students through a series of exercises during Spring 2013. (Photo courtesy of Dan Nino.)
Sarah Cashmore on right with her Dance 105F Ballet I class as they strike a pose in Spring 2013. (Photo courtesy of Dan Nino.)
The Fullerton College Food Bank Collaborative was a sign of tough economic times for the students.The Food Bank was housed in room 1955, but the hours were limited by the availability of volunteer FC faculty and staff. The campus community donated food to stock the shelves of the Food Bank which only provided food to currently enrolled students. In the photo, student, Mariscel de la Cruz, helps out. (Photo courtesy of Dan Nino.)
In this photo on the right, Dr. Chris Lamm, faculty member of Early Childhood Education, stands next to Yolanda Aguirre (center), director of the CalWORKs program, and Mariscel de la Cruz. Dr. Lamm retired at the end of this Spring 2013, but suddenly passed away shortly after the end of the semester. Dr. Lamm was very active on campus. She served as Faculty Senate Student Equity Committee Chair, as an Accreditation Self-Study team member and as a Diversity Committee representative. In Fall 2013, the college renamed the food bank, the Fullerton College Chris Lamm Memorial Food Bank. The Food Bank and the Anaheim Salvation Army sponsored a Shoe Drive during Fall 2013. The Salvation Army gave the Fullerton College Chris Lamm Memorial Food Bank $.75 per pound of shoes collected. (Photo courtesy of Dan Nino.)
In this photo, Campus Safety officer, Jim McKamy, stands next to unclaimed bicycles. In a final attempt to return lost items to students, in April 2013, Campus Safety set up a table with Lost and Found property for students to claim. All unclaimed items were donated to local charities after this event. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
After shootings such as the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School and the gunman-on-campus lockdown at California State University at Fullerton, Fullerton College adapted to the sadly changing times. On May 2, 2013 the campus participated in an active shooter lockdown drill. During the event, faculty, staff, and students were encouraged to view the “Shots Fired on Campus” video accessible through the Campus Safety homepage. The video was shown in the North Gym and in the upstairs College Center conference rooms. In addition, the library showed the video, but the majority of students preferred to study since finals were approaching.
On Convocation Day, August 23, 2013, the staff, faculty and administrators held a one day meeting which included a light breakfast, speeches from the president, chancellor, a trustee, as well as the faculty and classified senate presidents. Speakers recognized obstacles that community colleges face while trying to promote student success and to close the academic gap of at-risk students. The keynote speaker was Dr. Bob Bramucci, Vice Chancellor of Technology & Learning Services at South Orange County Community College District. Dr. Bramucci highlighted the challenges created by technological advances that increased the number of Massive Open Online Courses and other online course offerings as well as changes in the market that made private for-profit colleges attractive to students. He discussed disruptive innovation in the educational marketplace as a possible catalyst for positive changes in the way community colleges handle the business of education. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
During Fall 2013 Convocation, Dr. Jan Chadwick, faculty member of the Chemistry Department and Coordinator of Student Learning Outcomes, moderated an Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) Forum. During the previous years, faculty worked on developing course and program SLOs as well as integrating SLOs with strategic plans and program reviews. After the general program, staff and faculty returned to their divisions for internal meetings. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The quad was covered with a light, early morning fog during the first week of spring semester. Despite the foggy, damp appearance of the quad, California was in a severe drought during this period. After three consecutive years of below normal rainfall, Governor Jerry Brown asked Californians to voluntarily reduce water consumption by 20%. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Gabael Botello mans the MEChA stand during Club Day. He passed out flyers stating: "Who is MEChA? Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan is a student organization that promotes higher education, cultura, and historia. MEChA was founded on the principles of self-determination for the liberation of our people. We believe that political involvement and education is the avenue for change in our society." (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
With the campus focused on improving success rates in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), the Science Club was an important contributor towards increasing student interest in the sciences. Monika Singha (right) and Elodie Resseguie (left) promote their club in the quad. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Latina Leadership also made an appearance on the quad during Club Day on August 29, 2013. The club's flyer stated that its members' goals were not political, but focused instead on building up community. Through networking and mutual assistance, members strive to advance their social and professional lives. Amanda Trejo (left) and Yazmin Mendez (right) greet interested students. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The STOMP Club or Student Transfer Opportunity Program served the purpose of fostering a transfer-driven community at Fullerton College with a focus on scholarship, leadership, and community service. Members actively promoted various Cadena Transfer Center workshops that showed how to navigate the UC, CSU, private college, and out-of-state university systems. A network of mentors and liaisons also assisted members in their academic endeavors. In the photo, Susana Morales gives a thumbs up to the Club Day activities. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Trendsetters were a regular sight at all the Club Days. Maricruz Camacho gave fellow student, Andrew Cruz, a haircut while faculty member, Jeffrey Partridge, oversaw his cosmetology students. Students were able to sign up for free haircuts during this event. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Fullerton College Architecture Club students proudly hold models done by past architecture students that serve as motivation for them to reach their academic goals. In the club, students planned field trips to the Disney Concert Hall and the Museum of Contemporary Art. They also worked on projects to compete with other colleges. From left to right: Kenneth Hoskinson, Hadis Hassani, Reyna Perez,Ciara Cetraro, David Sanchez, Samuel Rojo, Edgar Godinez, Blanca Gerardo, Robert Whetsell, Andres Duarte, Hisham "Sean" Abdin, Elias Avalos. (Photo courtesy of the Architecture Club.)
For the first time in Fullerton College history, the entire Artist in Residence collection was on display in the campus Art Gallery to celebrate the Centennial. Beginning in 1972 with Wayne Thiebaud, each visiting artist demonstrated their process, gave a lecture, and donated a piece to the permanent art collection. Artwork by José Luis Cuevas, Dimitri Hadzi, Ynez Johnston, Hung Liu, Miriam Shapiro, Milford Zornes, Frank Romero, Alyssa Monks, Todd Frahm, Gronk and many more were in the exhibit. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Cadena Cultural Center and Latino Faculty & Staff Association hosted the 10th Annual ¡Bienvenidos! on Tuesday, September 17th. The event celebrated the opening of Hispanic (Latino) Heritage Month. With a Latino student population of nearly 50%, Fullerton College was not only a Hispanic Serving Institution, but Latinos comprised the largest ethnic group. The "Feria" (fair) showcased student services as well as Latino student clubs, programs, and departments. The Latino Faculty and Staff Association sponsored a free nacho bar and Latino music played on the quad. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Workforce Center held a workshop on preparing a successful resume in September 2013. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
During this period of high unemployment and uncertainty, the Workforce Center workshop on resumes was well-attended. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
On September 18th in Room 224, Fullerton College's Live Wire Literary Journal had a release party as part of the college's Centennial celebration. Authors and artists who contributed to the journal read and displayed their work. Pictured from left to right: Jarek Creason (Art Editor), Lan Shu Knudtson (Prose Editor), Lindsay Regan (Poetry Editor), Skye J. Lyon (Executive Editor), Michael Mangan (Faculty Advisor). Not pictured: Roger Perez (Faculty Advisor) and Matthew Nelson (Art Editor). (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Live Wire, published in Fall 2013, included prose, poetry, and artwork. The editors accepted work by current students, former students, and faculty. During the launch party, several of the contributors read their works while artwork was on display. Live Wire sold for $5.00. Cover artwork was by Chris Wheaton.
September marked the 100th anniversary of the first classes held at Fullerton College. On September 25th, the quad was transformed into small-town America with quilting bees, Hornet baseball players, a band, and performances by actors from the musical Ragtime as the campus celebrated 1913 Day. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
1913 Day gave administrators the opportunity to join the celebrations. Dr. Rajen Vurdien, President of Fullerton College, strolled the quad in old-fashioned attire. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Dr. Toni DuBois, Vice President of Student Services, was able to obtain her costume from the Fullerton Civic Light Opera. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
1913 Day included actors depicting Hornet baseball players. Several antique motor vehicles were on display around the quad. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
One of the many antique automobiles on display in the quad during 1913 Day. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
During 1913 Day, "suffragettes" demonstrated for their voting rights and equal pay. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
1913 Day celebrations included performances by cast members of the musical, Ragtime, which opened in October. James Oronoz played "Coolhouse Walker, Jr." and Brittany Logan portrayed "Sarah". Gary Krinke, Instructor of Dramatic Arts, can be seen on the right. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Candice Berg played "Mother" in the musical Ragtime. Here she posed shortly before the 1913 Day finale performance in the quad. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Melody LaMontia, faculty photography instructor on right, organized photo booths for 1913 Day. Students, staff, and faculty could pose with period costumes to document their participation in the day's events.(Photo courtesy of Melody LaMontia/Photography Dept.)
1913 Day group photo. (Photo courtesy of Melody LaMontia/Photography Dept.)
1913 Day photo of student. (Photo courtesy of Melody LaMontia/Photography Dept.)
This student posed as a suffragette during 1913 Day. (Photo courtesy of Melody LaMontia/Photography Dept.)
1913 Day couple. (Photo courtesy of Melody LaMontia/Photography Dept.)
These students wore patriotic colors for the 1913 Day photo session. (Photo courtesy of Melody LaMontia/Photography Dept.)
1913 Day photo. (Photo courtesy of Melody LaMontia/Photography Dept.)
On a cloudy October day, the Cadena Cultural Center held its 5th Annual Sidewalk Art Festival. Contestants could choose to create a work for the Centennial Art Contest or free draw. Approximately 75 people participated in the event. This artist chose to highlight Fullerton College and Orange County's history. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
During the Sidewalk Art Festival, this artist created a free themed work, not an entry for the Centennial Art Contest. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
This entry in the Centennial Art Contest included a historical image of Herbie the Hornet based on an archival photograph.(Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
On the left, Nitzya Hamblet from Student Affairs was the winner of the yearly grand prize Rideshare drawing. All Rideshare participants who carpooled or used alternative modes of transportation at least 120 times a year were eligible for the yearly grand prize drawing. Hamblet received a $300 SchoolsFirst Credit Union gift card. Standing on the right is Sandra March. Sandy March was born and raised in Fullerton about three blocks from campus. After graduating from high school, she worked in Business & CIS in the Individualized Self Paced (ISP) program. She eventually transferred to Facilities as an Administrative Assistant I. She later applied for and got a position that was reclassified as a Business Office Specialist. After 38 years working at Fullerton College, March retired in Fall 2013.
From left to right, Faculty Senate officers during the centennial year were Sam Foster (President), Rolando Sanabria (Past-President), Mary Nolan-Riegle (Treasurer), Josh Ashenmiller (Secretary), and Jennifer Combs (Curriculum Chair). Faculty Senate represented faculty interests and views in academic and professional matters in the college and district. The senate met twice monthly in the Faculty Lounge in the 1200 building. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
On October 11th, 500 ninth grade students from the Fullerton Joint Union High School District visited the campus as part of Jump Start to College, a high school outreach pilot program. The Jump Start to College pilot program was created by faculty and staff on the Student Success Taskforce in 2012-13. The implementation plan was designed with input from the Fullerton Union Joint High School District and the activities were coordinated through the Vice President of Student Services office. The high school district selected "increased awareness of careers" as a priority area of need for their students. On the day of the event, students participated in interactive workshops, activities, and tours. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Each year, the Transfer Center coordinated Transfer Awareness Week to remind students about the importance of planning for transfer. This photo taken on Oct. 23rd, shows the quad full of stands with representatives from different colleges and universities. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The UCLA informational booth had a number of inquiries from interested students during the Transfer Center College Fair. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
On Oct. 17, 2013, the campus participated in the Great ShakeOut! earthquake drill to improve emergency readiness. Students in the quad portrayed injured people while others practiced lowering individuals down stairs in Stryker evacuation chairs.
At Fullerton College, faculty held numerous professional development workshops with a focus on student success. Jeanne Costello, Doug Eisner, Bridget Kominek and Mike Mangan attended the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE) conference and brought back information to explain how and why at-risk African-American and Hispanic students often feel alienated from college culture. In the photo, Doug Eisner described the characteristics of at-risk students during the workshop "How to Overcome the Institutional Alienation of At-Risk African-American and Hispanic Students". (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The annual Halloween costume contest was held as usual in the quad. Characters from anime and the movie V for Vendetta were some of the entries. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
A Halloween entry based on Deadmau5, the Canadian musical artist. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The grim reaper made an appearance in the contest. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Staff joined in the Halloween spirit. James Duran, Library Assistant, dressed for the occasion. Duran was a graduate from Fullerton College as well as a Man of Distinction. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Library Circulation Supervisor, Efrain Villanueva, came as the Man of Steel. Villanueva previously served as Faculty President in 2007 and participated in activities including Smart Start Saturday for new students. As a recipient of an organ transplant, he also was a regular speaker for Angie Andrus' "Dying and Death" sociology class. Villanueva received the Classified Senate's Classified Employee Recognition Award for Fall 2013 for dedication, exemplary performance, and outstanding service. Don Mai, art student and Circulation hourly employee, drew the movie illustrations to decorate the library. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Fullerton College hosted its Annual Dia de Los Muertos Celebration on Thursday, October 31, from 6 pm - 10 pm in the Quad. The event was co-sponsored with the Muckenthaler Cultural Center. El Dia de los Muertos celebrates the lives of the deceased with food, drink, dance, and parties. (Photo courtesy of Martin Becerra.)
El Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) combines indigenous Aztec rituals with Catholicism brought to Latin America by the Spanish. On this evening, there was food, music, face-painting, vendors and dancing. Families and friends in the surrounding community were invited to attend. (Photo courtesy of Martin Becerra.)
This year's event included a special ofrenda in honor of retired faculty member Dr. Chris Lamm, who passed away in June. Faculty, staff, and students could contribute a special memory, flowers, foods, or memento to the altar. (Photo courtesy of Martin Becerra.)
The week before Veteran's Day, Fullerton College honored veterans with a series of events. On November 4th, the Patriot Guard Riders escorted the Global War on Terror Wall of Remembrance into the campus quad. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Patriot Guard rode around the quad and are seen exiting in this photo. The Patriot Guard Riders were a diverse group of motorcyclists and citizens who wished to honor men and women in the United States military. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Vision2Victory set up the Global War on Terror Wall of Remembrance in the quad. Vision2Victory was a program of Rear Area Support Foundation, Inc., a 501C3 Charity that provided support to the military community. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Global War on Terror Wall of Remembrance was a two sided wall 94 feet long. One side listed all the names of the victims of 9/11 and the names of those who died fighting in the War on Terror. The other side of the wall showed a timeline of the War on Terror starting in 1983 . (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
In this photo, student veterans examine a name on the Wall of Remembrance amongst the thousands of names of those who died on 9/11 and during the continuing War on Terror. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
During Veterans Celebration Week, another event was the Veterans Student Forum where students could gather to discuss issues of concern. (Photo courtesy of Vince White.)
On November 7th, speakers, entertainment, and a barbeque were organized to honor veterans. The Veterans Resource Center stand was located in the center of the quad to provide information. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Veterans were invited to a barbeque in the quad. (Photo courtesy of Martin Becerra.)
In the evening on Nov. 7th, there was a ceremony for the lowering of the colors and a candlelight vigil. Journalism faculty member, Jay Seidel, gave a speech about his experience as a returning veteran attending college. The Band of the California Battalion played for the audience. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Veterans Resource Center had their own webpage as did the other departments on campus. There was no standardized webpage format for campus websites, but the District Staff Development Committee offered a 90 minute hands-on workshop for faculty and staff, on the federal compliance requirements of American with Disabilities Act (ADA section 508). The workshop, taught by Terry Gleason, was designed for those creating webpages so they would have an understanding of universal design, and disability access needs.
The Veterans Resource Center at Fullerton College moved to room 518. It provided support for all veterans, spouses, active military personnel, and dependents who wished to enroll at Fullerton College. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Veterans Resource Center provided one-on-one and group tutoring. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The annual Career Fair hosted by the Workforce Center was held on Nov. 6th. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Centennial Homecoming Celebration started on Wednesday, November 13 with a campus celebration from 10 am - 1:15 pm on the quad. The event featured live entertainment, speak-easy casino gaming tables, a free pasta lunch, and a pep rally. The club representatives set up various tables to promote their activities. Trevor Palmer (left) and Ray Robinson (right) represented the Black Student Union. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Jesus Garcia manned the Fullerton College Foundation stand. Dr. H. Lynn Sheller, then President of Fullerton College, founded the Fullerton College Foundation in 1959 as a nonprofit organization. The foundation promoted Fullerton College and enhanced the lives of its students by raising and accepting resources for scholarships, grants, programmatic and institutional support. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Although Ben Crowell, physics instructor and Faculty Senate representative, forcefully argued during a Faculty Senate meeting that vaping could help smokers quit the habit, Faculty Senate voted to support a campus ban of e-cigarettes. After some debate around campus and in the Hornet student newspaper, the administration notified Campus Safety that e-cigarettes were included in the No Smoking policy and to start enforcing the ban. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Liz Sanchez and Luis Soto promoted the Lambda Society. The Lambda Society's mission was to raise consciousness and understanding of FC students & faculty to the many diverse issues that effect gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender persons. It also acted as a support system by helping to create a comfortable environment at FC by promoting understanding, acceptance, and equality. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Fullerton College pep band,"The Stingers", enlivened the homecoming festivities. Student director, William Chance, was the band leader. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
During the Homecoming Celebrations, students were able to play at the gaming tables in keeping with the speak-easy theme. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Darlene Jensen, Director of Student Affairs, was instrumental in planning the Homecoming Celebration events. The Office of Student Affairs responsibilities also included: event scheduling, student rights, student government, clubs and organizations, student discounts, Commencement, student honor societies, Teacher of the Year selection, and the Men and Women of Distinction. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Joey Victor, Associated Students President, encouraged students to attend the homecoming football game. Undoubtedly motivated by the Centennial Homecoming, the Fullerton Hornet football team remained unbeaten (10-0) by holding off Santa Ana College 56-35 in the 91st Key to the County game. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
No Homecoming Celebration is complete without cheerleaders and the day's event including a pep rally. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Some of the members of the Fullerton College Dance Team performed during homecoming. Ange Andros coached the team to two consecutive 1st place wins at the National Dance Alliance Collegiate National Championships in 2011 and 2012. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The library organized an art contest for students as a way to recycle retired card catalog cards and to incorporate relics from the library's past as a part of the Centennial celebrations. Students submitted art works using the old catalog cards. Some of the larger entries were displayed by the entry while the smaller works were in the glass display cases. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Theresa Elliott-Lofton won first place in the over 50 card category with her entry, "With a Little Help...(we can open the skies)". People looking closely noticed that there were 100 light bulbs to cover the hundred year history of the college. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Jessica Lowerre tied for first place in the 26-50 card category. According to a Hornet Dec. 4th, 2013 article, her winning entry, "Puck", gave her a "feeling of validation...I created something from my heart and people enjoyed it. This has definitely reaffirmed my path to pursue art." (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Shannon Kim tied for first place in the 26-50 card category. Her work, "Digitalized", was a favorite of many library staff members for its integration of cards and concept. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Jackie Byrnes' "Dotwork Rose" won for the 1-25 card category. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Ethnic Studies department and the Black Students Union organized the 17th Kwanzaa program with the assistance of the Cadena Cultural Center. Kwanzaa is an African American and Pan-African holiday celebrating family, community and culture. Ethnic Studies instructor, Ernest Bridges, moderated the event. The guest speaker was Dr. Jessica Ayo Alabi, Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at Orange Coast College. Dr. Alabi's work focuses on social inequality, race, class, gender, family, and politics. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
On Dec. 6, 2013, Dr. Rajen Vurdien gave the welcome address and introductions during the Technology and Engineering Complex Grand Opening. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Donna Miller, President of the NOCCCD Board of Trustees, cuts the ribbon to ceremoniously open the doors of the 700 building. Various administrators and trustees stand by. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Technology & Engineering complex officially opened on August 29, 2013 after nearly two years of construction and renovation. The 700 and 900 buildings includes 36 multi-disciplinary class labs, 16 general assignment classrooms, and 19 individual and jointly assigned offices. The complex with its 76,425 square feet of assignable space was designed by R2A Architecture, with C.W. Driver performing the construction management responsibilities. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Grounds Maintenance department landscaped the campus with some drought tolerant plants and shrubs, like salvia, scattered throughout campus. In this photo, a squirrel outside the renovated 700 building happily munches on the work of the landscapers . (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Dennis Howey, Offset Press Instructor for Printing Technology, demonstrated some of the equipment in the 700 building during the Technology and Engineering Complex open house. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Automotive Technology department offered a certificate program and an A.S. degree to prepare students for careers in the automotive service and repair industry. By December, the students had spent nearly a semester in the new 900 building. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Machine Technology department stressed skills on engine lathes, milling machines and grinders. The photo shows the machine shop the day of the ribbon cutting on Dec. 6th. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
On March 5th, 2014, during one of the Club Days, Taylor Lewis of the Engineering and Technology Club posed next to the trebuchet, a catapult, built by club members during fall semester. The trebuchet was a medieval siege warfare machine. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Sculptor Ben Jackel was the Artist in Residence during spring 2014. In the photo, he stands next to his work, Fire Hose (Japanese), made of stoneware and ebony in a wood case. He made a series of everyday objects like a fire extinguisher, a fire hose, and a box of sprinkler heads—objects usually required by law in case an emergency arises, but seldom used and often forgotten. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Ben Jackel is introduced by faculty member, Jim Dowdalls, who conducted classes in drawing and painting, illustration, life drawing, animal drawing, rendering, as well as Bio-medical rendering and illustration, his specialization. On the right, is faculty member, Carl (Klutch) Stanaway who taught three-dimensional design. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Ben Jackel created handmade objects dealing with the subject and history of war. Working with clay, wood, and stoneware, Jackel produced pieces including monochromatic statues of warriors, Humvees, ships, cannons, and fighter jets with a smooth, hand-rubbed finish of beeswax and graphite. The photo shows one of Jackel's drones. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Ben Jackel discusses his work with enthusiastic students during the opening of his exhibition in the college Art Gallery. Later in the week, Jackel would give demonstrations of his technique for art students. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Deidre Hughes assigned the article, "Reading, Risk, and Reality: College Students and Reading for Pleasure", to her Reading class during Spring semester. The class had a lively discussion and invited one of the librarians to answer questions. Hughes is in the photo (center) with Jeanette James (left) and Jamie Aquino (right). (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi)
On March 24th, the Cadena Cultural Center, the Ethnic Studies Department, and the Asian & Pacific Islander Faculty & Staff Association held the 3rd Annual Asian & Pacific Islander Forum. The 2014 keynote speaker was Nhi T. Lien who discussed her book-in-progress, "Beautiful Citizenship: Transnational Asian/American Embodied Practices in the Age Neoliberal Capitalism". Here Lien is pictured with Larry Hashima, Ethnic Studies instructor. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The 3rd Annual Asian & Pacific Islander Forum was well-attended. After the keynote speech, students broke into groups to discuss the issues raised by Nhi T. Lien. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Every March, the Theatre Arts Department produced The Fullerton College High School Theatre Festival, the largest high school theatre festival in the Western United States. 2,000 high school students from over fifty high schools would descend on the campus for two days of acting and design competition, improvisation, and workshops. Over 150 judges adjudicated approximately 45 rooms of competition each hour, and 200 college workers assisted in running the event. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
For the Fullerton College High School Theatre Festival, high school students would set up camp in the quad filling the campus with energetic activity. FC students and staff would run into the high schoolers rehearsing in various corners of the college. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Fullerton College students manned information booths for the Fullerton College High School Theatre Festival. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
On Friday, March 28th, a magnitude 5.1 earthquake struck at approximately 9:00 pm. It was centered near La Habra so Fullerton residents felt the jolts and aftershocks. A couple of the college's buildings were closed the next day for minor maintenance including a hot water pipe leak in the library. The library was open for business as usual on Monday. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Fullerton College Humanities Division hosted an evening with One Book, One College, One City author Hector Tobar on Tuesday, April 1st in the Wilshire Auditorium. Tobar discussed and read excerpts from his book, The Barbarian Nurseries. In the photo, Tobar is talking to a small group of students, faculty, and staff prior to the main event, at a reception in Tobar's honor in room 224. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The last Club Day of the year was held on April 2nd. Students line up for the free lunch served to those with Associated Students benefits. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Associated Students served a Mexican lunch for students who paid for A.S. benefits. During Club Day, students could talk with representatives of the various campus clubs at booths around the quad. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Luis Cisneros makes a fashion statement with his striking T-shirt. Skulls were a recurring design on clothing and tattoos during these years. Cisneros was representative of many students because it was not uncommon to see students riding skateboards to Fullerton College. Earpods were ubiquitous since many students were plugged into their phones to stream music from websites like Pandora. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Science Club members helped Professor Jeff Feaster clean up the Native Plant Garden. Amy Itnyre and Kien Viet Nguyen pump some sludge out of the pond. Jo Wen Wu was the faculty advisor for the club. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
On a slow Friday afternoon, the Skills Center (800 bldg.) was staffed by Student Lab Aides, Phuc Bui and Loretta Hernandez. The Skills Center provided instructional support in study skills, vocabulary improvement, and critical thinking. With instructor approval, the Skills Center could administer make-up exams for any Fullerton College course. Students could also go to the Skills Center for instructional support software, audiovisuals, and print materials to supplement their courses in reading, English-as-a- Second Language (ESL), foreign languages and writing. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Political Science professor, Jodi Balma, was named the 2014 Fullerton College Teacher of the Year. Balma joined the Political Science Department in 2000 and taught American Government, Honors American Government, Contemporary Issues in American Government, California Government, and the Capital Field Trip: Sacramento Seminar. As the Coordinator of the Honors Program, Balma oversaw the Honor's Ambassador Program and invited noted political figures to her classes as guest speakers. She was selected 2014 Teacher of the Year from a group of finalists by a committee composed of members of the Associated Students' Curriculum & Education Committee and the Faculty Senate. The four other finalists were Mathematics Josh Danufsky, Humanities' Deidre Hughes, Natural Sciences Dr. Mary Nolan-Riegle, and Natural Sciences Dr. Jo Wen Wu. (Photo courtesy of the Office of Campus Communications.)
The Photography department showcased student work on a monitor that rotated shots by different photographers. In the photo, Luz Esquive's montage of Christ on the cross is flashed across the screen in the hallway of the 500 building. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
In Introduction to Photography from Analog to Digital, Melody LaMontia applauds the photo critique presentation of one of her students. The class was held on Fridays from 9:00 am to 3:40 pm in room 514 and included a lab. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Lourdes Oropeza conducts one of many outreach workshops to inform students about financial aid. In the photo taken in April 2014, Oropeza is updating students on the changes in financial aid regulations. (Photo courtesy of Lourdes Oropeza.)
The Cadena Cultural Center organized daily activities for Transfer Awareness Week. Despite the use of social media like Facebook, sometimes the most effective way to advertise events on campus was an old-fashioned sidewalk sign. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
One of the activities for Transfer Awareness Week was a workshop on the basics of transfer presented by Stephanie Arroyo on right. Arroyo was Substitute Technician for John Abelon who was on military leave. Arroyo is accompanied by the Director of the Cadena Cultural Center, Cecilia Arriaza, and Vince White, Cadena Coordinator. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
During Transfer Awareness Week, representatives from private colleges and the UC and CSU systems set up tables in the quad. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Outside the Cadena Cultural Center (200 Bldg.), students recruited participants for the yearly Worldfest event. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Red Cross held its annual blood drive in the College Center. CSUF student volunteer, Elize Morin, gets ready to greet FC student blood donors. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
On the second floor of the College Center (200 bldg.), Nitzya Hamblet (left) and Les-Sie' Crockrom stand behind the counter of the Student Affairs office. Student Affairs facilitated opportunities for campus and community involvement. The office also oversaw the planning and implementation of activities related to Commencement, Associated Students, Inter-Club Council, and Men & Women of Distinction Awards Program. To free up her hands while on the computer, Nitzya can be seen wearing a Bluetooth headset popular during this time. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
On April 7th, Associated Students candidates had a chance to campaign for office by giving speeches to students in the quad. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Hornet baseball team won the 2013 Orange Empire Conference Championship. On a hot April day, players finish up practice during the spring 2014 semester. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
In an April 2014 championship rematch between Fullerton College and Sierra College, Fullerton defeated Sierra 5-2, earning their second straight State title. Losing two out of three doubles matches, Fullerton went into singles-play down 1-2. Strong singles-play by Jasmine Catolico (winning at #4), Sarah Edwards (winning at #3), Allison Enomoto (winning at #6) and Sarah Anderson came through in the clutch for her team winning the fifth and deciding point at #1. (Courtesy of the FC Sports Information Office.)
Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society sponsored an interactive booth to inform students about hidden disabilities such as autism, bipolar disorder, epilepsy, lupus, and more. From left to right: Scott Begneski, Melissa Castaneda, Jayson Barker, and Naomi Popperwell. Faculty advisor, Janna Anderson, is on the far right. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Political Science Student Association organized a debate on immigration in room 1440. Here, the students watched a documentary about Central Americans attempting the perilous journey north through Mexico in a desperate bid to cross the border into the United States. Jodi Balma, 2014 Teacher of the Year, facilitated the discussion afterwards. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
During a late Monday afternoon, two students stroll between the 1000 and 1200 buildings as they head towards the quad. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Health Services organized its Annual Spring Health Fair on Thursday, April 10th. The fair included free blood pressure, glucose, chiropractic and dental screenings, as well as live DJ music, free giveaways, and over 40 health organizations providing information. That week was hot and sunny with temperatures in the 80-90s. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Annual Spring Health Fair took place on sunny April 10th. The fair featured free health screenings, promotional items, literature and entertainment. The Affordable Care Act, popularly known as ObamaCare, was a big question mark for many students. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Students could obtain information about health care coverage at the Covered California table during the Health Fair. ObamaCare's open enrollment started October 1st, 2013 and ended on March 31st, 2014, but the enrollment deadline was extended until April 15th. Since the fair was held on the 10th, students had a few days left to enroll. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
During the week of April 7th to 11th, temperatures reached the 80-90s so students sought out the cooler spots on campus. A student takes advantage of the shade in the patio next to the cafeteria. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Students escape from the heat in the cool hallway of the 400 building. The mural was a project of Art 197 under the instruction of Tara Tavonatti. The design was the work of Anthony Evans. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Students parking near the Horticulture Center were accustomed to passing sheep, turkeys, and pigs at the high school livestock farm near the corner of Lemon St. and Berkeley Ave. Fullerton Union High School started their FFA (Future Farmers of America)/Agriculture program in 1941. Many FC students were unaware that this property and the Agri-Science program were part of the high school, not Fullerton College. High school students can be seen perched in the branches of the tree. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
On May 10, 2014 in the Wilshire Auditorium, the Music Department presented a concert featuring the Fullerton College Chamber Singers and the Fullerton College Concert Choir. Faculty member, John Tebay, was the director and Lina Kim was the accompanist. The concert included works from the 1500s by Jacob Handl to contemporary compositions by John Tebay. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
Bruce Miller, Director of Music Theory and Composition, wrote “Excelsior”, a work for mixed chorus and piano to commemorate the centennial of Fullerton College. “Excelsior” was also performed during the commencement ceremonies. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
For the Spring Concert Season, the Music Department offered a variety of performances reflecting the range of the department : Electronic Music Ensemble, Guitar Night, Men’s and Women’s Chorale, Percussion Ensemble and Steel Drums, Cabana Boys, Applied Piano Student Recital, “Jerry’s Kids” Brass Ensemble, and Voice Recital. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Asian Pacific Islander Faculty and Staff Association presented their annual award to Nora Matti at the Cadena Cultural Center’s Transfer Ceremony in May 2014. Ethnic Studies faculty member, Larry Hashima, awarded the prize. Students were selected for their academic excellence and involvement with the Asian/Pacific Islander community. (Photo courtesy of Jane Ishibashi.)
The Commencement Reception prior to the 99th Commencement Ceremony was an excellent chance for students, faculty, and special guests to mingle. Gustavo Arellano (on the left), the editor of OC Weekly and an author, gave the Commencement Address at the ceremony. Arellano was also Fullerton College’s One Book One College author for “Orange County: A Personal History” in 2010. On the right is student Nora Matti, who was the recipient of the Asian Pacific Islander Association’s award for the year. (Photo courtesy of GradImages.)
The ceremony for the 99th Commencement was held at Fullerton Union High School Stadium. (Photo courtesy of GradImages.)
The 2014 Student Commencement Speaker was Sarah Heim. Ms. Heim was the 2014 Woman of Distinction. (Photo courtesy of GradImages.)
The Symphonic Winds orchestra, under the direction of Dr. Anthony P. Mazzaferro, performed several pieces for the 99th Commencement program. One of the selections was "Excelsior" written by Dr. Bruce Miller, FC Professor of Music, to commemorate the centennial. (Photo courtesy of GradImages.)