Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

This is a map of the campus in the 1980s. In March 1980, Russell Floan, Dean of Admissions, released a statistical report on Fullerton College students. The report, outlined in the March 28, 1980 issue of the Hornet, indicated that there were 17,885 Fullerton College students, with only 4,858 non-freshmen. The typical Fullerton College student attended classes during the day, lived in the North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD), and was a high school graduate of a school in the District. The average student was typically a white, female, non-veteran, of freshman standing, carrying an average of 9.9 units, who planned to transfer to another college after completing requirements for her Associate of Arts degree. The average age of day students was 22.6 with almost half between ages 18 and 20. In the evening, the age averaged 29.5, with the greatest number of students between 25 and 29. The greatest percentage of A grades, 39.1 percent, was given in the Physical Education Division, with the Home Economic Division handing out the largest percentage of F grades, 10.1 percent. The previous semester, there were 17,181 class withdrawals (31.5 percent).
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