Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

This is a 1990s exterior photo of the 901 Computer Lab. Over the course of these two decades, Fullerton College students were introduced to computers in steadily increasing numbers as the number of labs on campus slowly rose. Initially, there was a computer business lab in the 500 Building, the CAD lab in Room 720, a computer science lab in 611, and a microcomputer lab in T-7, but by 1997, there were 16 computer labs across campus. Software and programs used at the time included Turbo, PASCAL, Super Writer, Sidekick, Supercalc 3, Word Perfect, Fortran, DOS, Magic Window II, and COBOL. Students had access to all computer labs for a $7.00 fee, which was later raised to $10.00. In 1995, the Internet became accessible at home to students through Fullerton College.
Tags: computers, computerization, computer, science, labs