Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

In August 1980, the North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD) purchased the 7.1 acre site that included the Chapman School and Wilshire Junior High School on the corner of Lemon and Chapman Avenues for $1,327,700. The district made plans to renovate the complex, turning it into an education center, the Wilshire Continuing Education Center (315 E. Wilshire Avenue). A City of Fullerton Local Landmark, the property began as an elementary and junior high school in 1913. The 1933 Long Beach earthquake damaged the buildings, forcing students to take classes in tents, until Depression-era relief funds paid to have some buildings restored and other demolished. The new buildings were constructed in a Moderne style. This is a photograph of the 1932 graduating class just before the 1933 earthquake damaged many of the buildings. By 1980, declining enrollment and depleted resources forced the Fullerton Elementary School District to put the school grounds up for sale. (Courtesy of the Fullerton Public Library.)
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