Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

Dean William T. Boyce (left) and Superintendent Louis E. Plummer (right) hand out diplomas to members of the 1939 graduating class. Boyce would be demoted as dean a year later and temporarily replaced with Acting Dean Samuel H. Cortez, but reinstated in 1943, when Cortez asked for a leave of absence to enter military service. Friday, June 20, 1941, saw the highest number of graduates during this period: 300 students. Ceremonies were held in the high school auditorium (later Plummer Auditorium) at 8:00 p.m. Enrollment reached a peak of 1500 in 1939, but declined even before World War II as students entered the draft or accepted jobs in the defense industry. As with the previous period, a significant number of graduates were from prominent and pioneer Fullerton and Orange County families, including Walter and Marjorie Chaffee, Jay McAulay, Lucina Maag, Robert Bastanchury, Ray Launer, Harry Maxwell, Jr., Walter and Vivian Cadman, Herbert Ford, John Starbuck, Doris Tuffree, Claire Crooke, Wanda Stedman, Warren Bowen, etc. The largest minority group of graduates was Asian.
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