Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

Leadie M. Clark, who had been hired in 1977, continued as Chancellor until April 1985, when the Board of Trustees of the North Orange County Community College District voted 4 to 2 (one abstention) not to renew her contract when it expired in June 1986. The Trustees did not publicly state why they did not renew Clark’s contract, noting that the decision was based on the majority’s disagreement with her administrative style. After filing a lawsuit, Clark was placed on administrative leave, at full salary, for the balance of her contract. At the time, Clark was receiving an annual salary of $70,450 and a fringe benefit package of $3,600. She filed an initial $5.2 million lawsuit on July 9, 1985, and then another for $15 million on July 23, 1985, alleging race, sex, and age discrimination and violation of her civil rights by putting her on leave without adequate cause. She eventually accepted an out-of-court settlement for $125,000 in 1987. Vice Chancellor Joseph Newmyer was named interim Chancellor.
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