Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

This is Chris Loumakis, President of the Board of Trustees of the North Orange County Community College District in 1987. He was serving with Barbara Hammerman, Vice President; Otto J. Lacayo, Secretary; Wallace R. Hardy, Member; Nilane A. Lee, Member; and Barry J. Wishart, Member, along with two student members: Caroline Egan (Cypress College) and K. C. Bailey (Fullerton College). Loumakis was often the center of controversy while serving as a Trustee. In 1984, he attempted to stop the showing of the x-rated film Caligula, but was outvoted 4 to 2, with the trustees refusing to ask the student government not to show the movie. In 1989, he was censured by the board for breeching the confidence of executive sessions when a letter he wrote regarding Chancellor Kellerman’s conduct was leaked to the press. In 1992, Loumakis was again censured by the Board of Trustees when he threatened Fullerton College faculty member Louis Reichman with a lawsuit. On September 13, 1995, the United Faculty Board of Directors voted unanimously to ask for the resignation of Loumakis after accusing him of acting recklessly when he was quoted in the Orange County Register as saying Fullerton College had not been harmed by the Orange County bankruptcy.
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