Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

During the 1980s and 1990s, the faculty had repeated disagreements with the Board of Trustees over pay increases and budget cuts. In this April 23, 1991 shot, instructor Lawrence Keough displays his feelings in front of the NOCCCD offices. Thirty faculty members protested the lack of a contract. Picketing continued the following evening during A Night in Fullerton, a Citywide annual event celebrating the arts. On October 13, 1999, Adjunct Faculty United (AFU), a grassroots organization of adjunct faculty in the NOCCCD, filed papers with the California State Employees Relations Board with the intent of forming a union for part-time faculty. The organization, formally established in 2000, was seeking to secure better pay, health benefits, seniority/rehire rights, and office hour pay for part-time faculty.
Tags: protests