Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

At the age of 93, Violet Wightman, the oldest student ever on campus, enrolled in a freelance writing class, announcing to the professor: “I don’t have to do anything you say because I’m older than you.” Born on August 6, 1901, in Globe, Arizona, she taught herself to play piano, then graduated from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music at the age of 18, eventually becoming a much sought after pianist. During her lifetime, she became friends with such notables as Sergei Rachmaninov, Dorothy Chandler, and Charlie Chaplin. Over time she became a campus icon, delighting students with stories of her life. A book of her poems, Sitting on a Cloud, was produced by the Printing Department. In 1998, Wightman passed away at the age of 97. She is shown here in a photograph next to her close friend, famous pilot Amelia Earhart. (Photo courtesy of the Wightman family.)
Tags: non-traditional, students