Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

In 1934, FJC formally adopted the hornet as their official mascot. Originally known as the Yellowjackets, the name Hornet was given to Fullerton in 1921-22 when it became inconvenient to come up with yells and songs using the word yellowjackets. Physical education instructors Arthur L. Nunn and Loren O. Culp held a contest to change the name. Class poet Betty Frazee,inspired by the blue and gold striped socks worn by the football squad, wrote a poem titled “The Hornet,” then entered the contest and won. As the class colors were gold and blue, the Hornet name seemed perfect as the gold reflected the yellow color of a hornet, and the blue represented the mood of opponents after they have been stung. The campus was later nicknamed Hornetville, with female students as Henriettas and male student as Herbies (when together they were known as a swarm). The look of the hornet mascot changed over the decades. During construction in the 2000s, the hornet mascot was given a hardhat and nicknamed Buzzy.
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