Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

While FJC students supported World War II once it began, most were isolationists, preferring America stay out of the European conflict. This editorial (“God Bless America. Stay Out of War!!), published in the May 29, 1940 issue of the student newspaper, reflected the general view of most students on campus. A student poll, reported in the March 21, 1941 issue of the Weekly Torch, reported that 96 percent of FJC students did not favor American entrance into the war, with only four percent in support. One FJC student, Rose Donnelly, was very active in the “Rearm for Peace” movement designed to promote worldwide peace and goodwill. Donnelly was instrumental in getting members of the Moral Rearmament Group to speak on campus the last week in September 1939. One the group’s main goals was to abolish war.