Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

In this 1963 photo, District and College administrators strike a humorous pose as they pretend to be taking notes at the direction of Allan Hadden. Left to right are: John W. Mann, Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services, Wallace J. Riutcel, Business Manager; Elton D. Ward, Assistant Superintendent of Physical Plant and Facilities; Allan Hadden; Walter J. Pray, Director of Personnel; and Clarence W. Szalkowski, Administrative Assistant for Research and Reports. On the far right is H. Lynn Sheller, who would continue as FJC President until 1969, when he was forced to retire because of his age. As a parting gift to Sheller, the student body commissioned portrait artist Edward Fazzio to paint a picture of the departing administrator. The painting is housed in the Fullerton College Library. Fazzio specialized in portraits of government officials and had been commissioned in 1963 to complete portraits of former Los Angeles mayors.