Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

“Puente” means “bridge” in Spanish and the Puente Program was an academic preparation program with the goal of bridging the achievement gap for educationally disadvantaged students. Through mentoring, personal guidance, guest speakers, and field trips, the Puente Program increased the numbers of students who transferred to a four-year college or university. The Puente Program also strived to create a body of future mentors and leaders. In March 2013, over thirty Puente students visited campuses during the annual Northern California College Tour. Puente's co-coordinators, Elias Dominguez and Kimberly Orlijan, chaperoned the students as they toured UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley, UC Davis and the State Capitol. In the photo, the students stand in front of the State Capitol building holding certificates received from recently elected Assemblywoman, Sharon Quirk-Silva of Fullerton. (Photo courtesy of Elias Dominguez.)