Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

Following the new Library and Learning Resource Center (LLRC), the next new facility was a new parking structure off Lemon Avenue, which formally opened August 18, 2006. To make way for the new structure, the 1710 boiler room, 1700 facilities building, the T-4 maintenance and operations, and the T-8 campus safety trailer were demolished, along with the closing of parking lots 1 and 2. The architectural firm International Parking Designs, Inc. oversaw the construction. This is a 2006 night shot of the new parking structure off Lemon Avenue. The four-level parking structure contained 1,440 student parking places, and was equipped with elevators, safety phones, and self-serving parking permit machines. An accompanying stoplight and crosswalk at the intersection of Lemon Avenue and Fullerton College Drive was installed to improve traffic flow in and out of campus. While most of the new buildings on campus were well received by the community, the new parking structure was not. During its construction, neighbors began to complain about the size and mass of the building, which extended a considerable length along Lemon Avenue. In an article in the January 5, 2005 Fullerton News Tribune (“Garage Will Have Appeal; Fullerton College Officials Assure Neighbors New Parking Lot Won’t be a Concrete Monolith”), President Kathleen Hodge assured neighbors that the building would be compatible with surrounding architecture. When completed, homeowners complained to both the NOCCCD and Fullerton city planning staff that the new structure was indeed a “concrete monolith” that blighted the neighborhood. (Photo courtesy of Tony Kawashima.)