Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

Ten days after the first college class arrived on campus (September 25, 1913), it met to organize a student body, later to be known as the Associated Student Body. At the first meeting, a college motto—Thought, Action, Life—was also selected, but later changed to Wisdom, Truth, Service. From 1913/1914 to 1916/1917, a class president was elected each semester (September and February), with Earl Scott Dysinger (left) and Marjorie Bishop (right) serving as the first and second class presidents. Both were graduates of Fullerton Union High School. After completing his education, Dysinger (1893-1973) returned to FJC to teach social sciences, and later served in the United States Armed Services as a captain during World War II. Dysinger was also an amateur photographer and many of the photographs in the Fullerton College Library are from his collection. (Courtesy of the Fullerton Public Library)
Tags: student, government, elections