Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

Dr. William T. Boyce (1885-1975) became the second administrative head of Fullerton Junior College in 1918, replacing Anna M. Bille. He remained in the position of dean until 1940, at which time he was relieved of his responsibilities by the trustees and reassigned to teaching. He was later reinstated as dean by a new Board of Trustees in 1942, and remained until 1950. Born in rural North Carolina, Boyce eventually worked his way up to principal of Sherwood High School in Sandy Springs, Maryland. He was invited to Whittier College to teach economics and political science for two years, after which he transferred to Fullerton in 1915 where he made $1400 a year. Dr. Boyce’s position title at FJC was first dean, then director, and finally president. Boyce held a master’s degree from Harvard University and a degree of Doctor of Education from the University of Southern California. A life-long Republican, Dr. Boyce served as the chairman of the “Hoover for President” campaign in 1934 in northern Orange County. In 1974, Dr. Boyce published his memoirs, My Years in the Fullerton Junior College, 1915-1950.