Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

Dr. William T. Boyce believed that every college in the nation should have a student newspaper. He was instrumental in establishing the college’s student newspaper, The Weekly Torch, which later had a number of title changes (Jaysee Torch, The Hornet). The first issue of The Weekly Torch was printed on January 12, 1923. All of the articles were written by members of the journalism class, who automatically comprised the newspaper staff. Initially, The Weekly Torch carried purely student news, no advertisements, and was financed through the student body budget. Starting in 1928, the year of this photograph, The Weekly Torch became a charter member of the California Junior Press Association and was able to receive news from all over California, giving the paper a wider reading interest. Richard Warner Borst (second row, left), head of the English Department, was staff adviser to the newspaper staff.