Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

Starting in 1920, the college intermittently celebrated Blue and Gold Week, a week-long tribute to FJC and higher education. This is the program cover of the 1923 Blue and Gold Week May Festival. The four-part program included students from both the high school and college and featured interpretive dances, pantomimes, and the glee clubs singing a variety of tunes. The May Fete, open to the public, was attended by over 2,000 people that year. In the 1920s, Blue and Gold Week included a celebration of May Day, and the traditional dance around a maypole. Blue and Gold Week in March of 1936 was particularly eventful as it included a procession to the new campus led by the junior college band. The Weekly Torch staff was responsible for printing the annual program pamphlets, and starting in the early 1930s, issued a Blue and Gold anniversary issue of the student newspaper. These anniversary numbers were paid for by Gamma Delta Upsilon, the honorary journalism fraternity organized on campus on January 26, 1931. Gamma Delta Upsilon was a non-secret state journalism fraternity made up of members who had completed at least one semester of commendable work in journalism.