Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

In 1946, FJC obtained temporary buildings, known as T shacks, most of which came from the Santa Ana Army Air Base, the official headquarters for the West Coast Air Corp Training Centers, which had been deactivated on March 31, 1946. The campus was desperate for classroom space and these buildings were used to teach much of the agriculture, physical science, pre-engineering, drafting, general electricity, radionics, and radio speech classes. The two wooden buildings shown here were part of eight temporary surplus structures located just north of the Commerce Building (the 300 building), which were painted to coincide with the color scheme used on surrounding permanent structures. The federal and state governments had gone into debt to finance the war, and it would be almost a decade before the campus would be able to construct new permanent buildings. Although designed only to tide over FJC until new classroom buildings could be constructed, the T shacks remained on the campus for decades.
Tags: world, war, federal, funding