Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

A new Health Center addition was added to the new gymnasium in November 1956. Located behind the Science Building beside the front doors of the gymnasium, the new Health Center marked the first time that FJC had a full-time Health Service for the convenience of students and staff. The new Health Center was busy from the start, providing during its first semester medical examinations for 580 men students and 257 women students, along with more specialized examinations for 27 football players and 21 vocational nurses. At the time, new students underwent a health examination as part of their registration. Annual chest x-rays were required of all students and faculty. In 1957, 85.2 percent of all cases of polio in Orange County were in the 20-24 age group, and FJC health officials encouraged students in February 1957 to sign up for free polio shots. A month later, 1,042 Hornets had had the first of two shots provided by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.
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