Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

One of Dr. Harry Lynn Sheller’s major contributions to Fullerton Junior College was the establishment in October 1959 of the Fullerton College Foundation, which was set up to receive and administer gifts, grants, and loan funds for the college. Sheller was the guiding light behind this organization and recruited its first Board of Directors, all local residents, which included William T. Boyce, Walter B. Chafee, Esther Hatch, Wanda McGraw, Gordon R. Melgren, Arval Morris, Joe W. Johnson, and Wallace Riutcel. Fullerton College Foundation Board members originally met on campus, but their offices are now located in a small converted bungalow at 315 North Pomona Avenue, shown here in 2010. The Foundation was among the first of its type in a junior college.
Tags: fund, raising