Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

Student Body President Glenn Nichols (third from left) led one of the largest freshmen classes in FJC history in 1946/47. Well over a thousand of the fourteen hundred students enrolled were freshmen. Nichols was aided by Don Hiltscher, Vice President, Betty Inman, Secretary, and Bob Olson, Treasurer. During World War II, Vespidae, the student judiciary, was discontinued and not reinstated, but student government remained largely the same. Donald Hiltcher, who would later work for the R. J. Noble Company, a concrete and paving contractor, was the son of Herman A. Hiltscher (1901-1973), Fullerton’s first city administrator. A leader of Fullerton during years of phenomenal growth, Herman A. Hiltscher was the engineering force behind the design of much of the city. He was so valuable an employee that the Fullerton City Council would not let him serve as a volunteer fireman. Both a park and trail in the city are named after him.
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