Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

The American economy was expanding rapidly in the 1950s, and college graduates were assured of immediate employment in the career of their choice. In this 1959 photograph, four FJC graduates in caps and gowns (left to right)—Margie Heet, Ali Khanjanouri, Sharon Walker, and Vic McCoy—stand around a group of FJC students who symbolically portray the diversity of goals sought by graduates: Accountant Lois Arbogast, Vocational Nurses Leeana Fuller and Esther Ocampo, Printer Larry Rosengreen, Secretary Sandy Hewitt, Draftsman Tom Vestal, Fashion Buyer Marilyn Greenlee, Auto Mechanic John Jackson, Painter Linda Frew, Chemist Tom Evans, Cosmetologist Belinda Perrson, Businessman Bob Kisner, Photographer Bob Boettcher, Electronics Technician Wayne Cooper, and Marine Bob Dahlin.
Tags: careers, post-war, boom, jobs