Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

When the state college was proposed back in 1950, there was some concern, expressed in the March 17, 1950 issue of the Weekly Torch, that the new institution would impair the development of FJC, but both Superintendent Stanley T. Warburton and Director/President H. Lynn Sheller provided active support for the new state college. Administrators and faculty of the new state college were allowed to lease offices at Fullerton Union High School, the new Sunny Hills High School, and the old College Building still on the Fullerton Union High School campus. Severely earthquake-damaged, the old College Building would be demolished in 1962. This photo shows President William B. Langsford, the first President of Orange County State College, standing in front of the old College Building, the first administrative building for Fullerton College, on his first day, March 2, 1959. (Courtesy of CSU Fullerton Library)
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