Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

Under the direction of building trades Instructors E. A. Ames and C. Robert McCormick, FJC began overseeing the construction of a new house on campus each year. The first project was a pre-fabricated house built in 1946, which was followed by Ranch, California bungalow, Contemporary, and California provincial-styled dwellings. Houses were designed by students in Architectural Drawing 75A, and then each project became a lab for building trades, mill and cabinet shop, and electricity classes. The completed homes were then snapped up readily on a you-buy-it-at-cost-and-move-it basis. In this photo, two students look over the blueprints during construction of a new house. The home building program would continue until 1986. A history of the FJC home building program can be found in the May 2012 issue of the Fullerton Heritage Newsletter.
Tags: construction, technology, vocational, education