Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

Taken in 1967, this is an FJC music class in the new Music Building. The increased space available in the new facility allowed FJC students to try out new musical equipment, including the experimental electronic pianos shown here. Manufactured by Fender-Rhodes, Inc. in Fullerton (1225 East Ash Avenue), the electronic pianos allowed students to practice while only hearing their own music. If an instructor wanted to focus his attention on a single student, he could “tune in” to any desired piano. Fender, a former FJC student, formed Fender-Rhodes, Inc. with Harold B. Rhodes (1910-2000), the inventor of the electric piano bass. Like Fender’s electronic Precision Bass, the portable Fender-Rhodes piano was a revolutionary instrument which greatly benefitted musicians. Piano players, who previously were not always able to play with their bands because many venues did not have an in-house piano, could now play at any event with this new instrument. The Fender-Rhodes piano quickly became the most widely used electric piano, featured in many kinds of popular music (especially jazz-rock) and played by a number of notable musicians, including Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Ray Manzarek, Josef Zawinul, and many others. The first Fender-Rhodes pianos sold for $895.
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