Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

In 1967, a dozen vending machines offering snacks and drinks were allowed on campus and quickly became very popular, especially with night students. Initially, the vending machines were placed around campus, but eventually nearly all of the machines ended up on the patio area next to the cafeteria and snack shop. The vending machines quickly made a healthy profit for the college. At the time, smoking was permitted on campus and in a number of rooms, including the Hive, Student Center, and Library conference rooms, and FJC students petitioned to have cigarette vending machines added. Despite the fact that the United States Surgeon General had issued a groundbreaking report that definitively linked smoking with cancer in 1964, the Trustees approved the request in April 1966. One cigarette machine was placed in the cafeteria, another in the Student Center. At the time, 46% of all Americans smoked (50% of all men).
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