Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

Because the college had no police or security unit, the Board of Trustees asked the Fullerton Police Department to ticket and fine students illegally parked. Fines were $5.00 for parking in a red zone, $3.00 for parking in a yellow zone, $10.00 for double parking, and $2.00 for parking in Permit Only, Faculty Reserved, or Visitor Only spaces without proper authorization. Many students paid the fine rather than spend time looking for a parking spot. While some colleges had student courts, FJC students paid their fines at the Anaheim-Fullerton Municipal Court. The fines were the same as violations on city streets or in city parking areas. Students who continued to willfully disobey the new regulations could be dismissed from school. By 1967, jaywalking had also become a serious problem, and “don’t walk” lights were installed at Lemon and Chapman Avenues. In addition to parking citations, Fullerton police began to hand out citations to those students who did not walk between marked crosswalks.
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