Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

During the 1960s, the number of faculty members increased as new programs and classes were added to the curricula. For the fall semester of 1960, twenty-seven new instructors were employed, with every division on campus bolstered by one or more new faculty members. Another fifty-three were added in 1963, bringing the total number to 221. The Faculty Club, which included all the teaching and administrative faculty, remained popular, meeting formally once or twice a semester, and informally for an annual Fall Picnic and Spring Banquet. The Faculty Club was made up of a series of committees—ethics, research, teachers’ salaries, public relations, membership, and social events—whose chairs formed the Council for the Club. The Council members for 1961 are shown in this photo. In 1964, FJC faculty voted to establish an Academic Senate, which replaced the Council.
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