Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

As the Vietnam War dragged on and protests mounted, FJC students became more sympathetic to those not willing to fight, setting up conscientious objector booths on campus. At the time, 1.8 million students were carrying deferment cards. To qualify for deferment, students initially only had to be enrolled full-time (12 units each semester), but by 1966, the Selective Service Board began requiring students to take the Selective Service Qualification Text. Students who failed the four-part test (reading comprehension, verbal relations, arithmetic reasoning, and data interpretation) or received low scores were then ordered into military service. A student in his freshman class was required to be in the upper half of the male members to qualify for deferment, and in his sophomore year, to be in the upper two-thirds of the male members of his class to qualify for a senior year deferment.
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