Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

Because of the increasing need in Orange County for employees trained as keypunch operators, accounting machine operators, programmers, system analysts, and accountants, FJC began offering courses in business data processing in September 1960. The new Data Processing Program trained students to use punch card equipment, including a keypunch, a sorter, a reproduction punch, a Royal- McBee Tabulator, a Burroughs F199 accounting machine, and a punch card coupler. Here an adult student is learning how to use a data processing machine for a class on Fortran, an early programming language developed by IBM in the 1950s. The new program offered courses in the Principles of Data Processing, Computer Programming, Data Processing Machines, and Data Processing Systems. Six hundred students enrolled in these early computer classes. The average starting salary for someone completing the two-year program was $6,000 annually.
Tags: technology, employment, careers