Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

During the 1960s, much of the activity on campus was still centered on clubs, but as social concerns became more prominent with college students, interest in these groups declined during the 1960s and 1970s. Clubs came and went in this decade, and by December 1969, there were 35 active clubs on campus. Members of service clubs were required to devote ten hours of service each month. While club members did contribute to many social activities, there were also fund collecting for needy families, food drives, and other community-oriented projects. Jobs were plentiful in the 1960s and vocational clubs were particularly popular: Professional Nurses, Future Teachers, Dental Assistants, Medical Assistants, Young Farmers, etc. New clubs were started, including the Swim Club in 1960 and the Usherettes in 1961/62, whose members were called upon almost every week to serve at school functions. The first president of this new service organization was Sherrill Stalker (first row, second from left).
Tags: clubs, student, organizations, fund-raising