Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

On Friday, May 11, 1962, a crowd estimated at 10,000 showed up at Orange County State College (now CSU Fullerton) for the First Annual Intercollegiate Elephant Race. Fifteen colleges and universities filed entries, and elephants were rented for $200 a day from a Thousand Oaks animal farm. William Langsdorf, Orange County State College President, offered the organizers a barley field for the race site called Dumbo Downs. The elephants competed in four main events: sprinting, flag race, obstacle race, and carrying a pail of water the entire length of the field. Because FJC was a “junior” college, a baby elephant named Debbie was entered, capturing second place in the baby elephant division. Debbie is shown here between FJC students John Lindsay (left) and Bob Wagner (right), Associated Student Body President. The sweepstakes winner was the Harvard University entry, the four-ton Sonita.
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