Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

The major building project during the 1970s was the Reading Center, which cost $266,608. Part of the Humanities Division, the new center was part of an addition above the east-west wing of the Technical Education (the 800) Building. It consisted of a central lab flanked by three full-size classrooms, two areas for small group work, a workroom, and offices. When the center opened in September 1970, more than 1,000 students enrolled for work at levels ranging from basic literary to advanced college study skills and accelerated reading. The center offered courses on spelling, punctuation, reading skills, advanced reading, rapid reading, and listening skills. One of the most popular classes was English 81, a course that helped students whose reading skills needed to be improved for work at the college level. The campus also had a Math Audio-tutorial service area for students.
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