Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

In 1959, the Fullerton College Library began displaying a collection of dolls of the Presidents of the United States and their wives. The collection was jointly owned by three faculty and administrative members at the college, Dr. H. Lynn Sheller, Dean of Men Ivan Malm, and speech instructor Denver Garner, and was formerly owned by the late Mrs. Atherton, a Fullerton woman who had painstakingly built up an elaborate collection of unusual dolls. The sculpting of the wax dolls was done by Lewis Sorensen, and the clothing by Mary Borden. The Faculty Women’s Club was eventually able to raise enough money to pay the three men, and when the library building was remodeled in 1967, a special case was created for them. During the summer of 1977, Lewis Sorensen, who had created the dolls, presented the college with eight more dolls, and then added the Reagans in 1980. Unmarried and childless, Sorensen (1910-1985), shown here in 1977, started making dolls as a child. The collection includes dolls from President Washington to President Reagan. Two presidents did not marry, so President Buchanan is accompanied by his niece, Harriet Lane, and President Arthur by his sister, Mary Arthur McElroy.
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