Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

In the fall semester of 1976, Fullerton College welcomed twenty-six new faculty members, many of whom are shown in this photo. They included, from left (front row): Raul Rodriguez and Ignacio Pando, EOPS/Counseling; Pauline Hoag and Kay Dickersin, Life Sciences; Jeanne Moores, Humanities; Salli Terri, Fine Arts; Sharon DeLeon and Barbara Bragonier, Home Economics; and Ernestine Herrera, Technical Education. Back row: Andy Kuai, Physical Sciences; Clay Ward, Technical Education; Charles Kading, Fine Arts; Al DeVito, Communications; Michael Judy, Mathematics; Larry Knuth, Physical Education; William Gorman, Business; Kenneth Wagner, Life Sciences; Larry Lowder, Fine Arts; Darrell Kitchell, Communications; and David Lewis, Fine Arts. Some of the new faculty members were first year contract employees, others were part-timers, and still others were temporary employees, serving as sabbatical replacements.
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