Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

Adult education courses boomed in the 1970s as many women returned to school and retirees looked to the campus for interesting courses to fill their time. By the early 1970s, over 40,000 adult students were attending courses offered by the district’s Division of Adult Education. In addition to the over 250 noncredit courses taught on the two campuses and at 73 different locations, the Division of Adult Education offered a program which made it possible for adults to earn a high school diploma. In 1973 alone, 2,000 adults took advantage of this program, and over 750 students were awarded their high school diplomas. In this photo, four of the five instructors teaching Creative Breadmaking in the fall of 1974 are shown going over the finer points in preparation for their classes: Karen Trigg, Joanne Lechner, Carol Lamkins, and Becky Fuller (left to right).
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