Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

While the college had developed a strong base of Adult Education courses popular with district residents, there was an increase in the marketing of classes and activities toward retirees. Because Americans were living longer and retiring earlier, many started living 30 to 40 years after retirement, and were seeking activities that would keep them engaged. To serve that segment of the population, the campus set up the Center for Creative Retirement headed by Dr. Martin E. Hebeling. This photo shows members of the center at a meeting in 1975. Members worked to start a class called “Preparation for Creative Retirement” designed to help future retirees plan for a productive, interesting retirement. The class, first held at the Eastside Christian Church in fall 1974, covered four main areas: the practical aspects of retirement (health and social adjustment), financial planning, creative activity, and social involvement, including volunteer work. For persons who were already retired, four new mini-courses were offered, covering nutrition, personal money management, leisure activities, and focus on current news and events. Senior citizens, 60 years of age, living in the North Orange County Community College District, were also able to attend many college events for free by acquiring a Gold Card.
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