Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

While many students on campus protested against the Vietnam War, there were also students who enlisted in the armed forces. One of those was Hornet Editor-in-Chief Brad Swenson, (pictured) who departed for Ford Ord in October 1970. Swenson’s father had been editor of the Hornet in 1937. As with other wars, current and former FC students were killed in action, including 1st Lt. Robert E. Castle, who was killed in Laos. In 1973, Air Force Captain Jose David Luna, a prisoner of war in North Vietnam for six years, was finally returned home. He had attended Fullerton College before entering the Air Force in 1961. In 1970, Vietnam veteran Doug Adams, with the aid of four FC students, three of whom were Vietnam veterans, and the fourth a member of the Marine Corp Reserves, sent 300 Christmas trees to servicemen in Vietnam. Known as Operation Christmas, the trees were purchased from a farm in Montana, hauled to Seattle, then flown to Saigon where they were distributed to various command posts and units throughout the combat zone. Selective service lotteries, which were always announced in the Hornet, continued until June 30, 1973, when the nation moved to an all-volunteer military. The last man was drafted in December 1972 and departed for training in June 1973.
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