Fullerton College: A Pictorial History

To examine the role of women on the Fullerton College campus, the college formed, in 1973, a Commission for Women’s Concerns consisting of 65 men and women from the certificated and classified staff. This group divided itself into sub-commissions or sub-committees: Affirmative Action, Women’s Studies, Liaison, Social Events, and Women’s Center. The purpose of the organization was “to unite the Fullerton College campus community in an effort to improve the opportunities for growth and development of women, to increase their influence, to improve their status on campus and elsewhere, and to provide an avenue for their contribution to campus life.” Members of the Women’s Commission are shown here in 1975 (left to right): Doris Covelli (President), Joyce Morton (Past President), Helen S. Clucas, and Iris L. Simmons (Secretary/Treasurer). Membership was $1.00 a year.
Tags: gender, roles, women's, rights